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Buy to Let Portfolios

Investing in properties, despite the risks that most investments present, can provide great rewards both in the short and long term.

The earlier you start the investment the better it is. Some of the greatest advantages are available when you have a mix of immediate rent through passive income alongside the long-term potential benefit of equity growth.

Imagine yourself in 20 years with rent amounts pushed up by inflation and with a monthly payment from 20 years ago?

Do you remember how much you paid in rent 20 years ago? Look at those rents now! Do you remember house prices 20 years ago? Look at them now! Imagine how much the properties you buy now could be worth in 20 years’ time? You can put yourself on the right side of economics by becoming an investor.

Graphic based on purchase price of £175,000 with a monthly interest only of £420 with a starting rent income of £1000. 20-year period considered.

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