Mortgage Solutions for Residential and Investment Properties


SJPR Finance have partnered with selected FCA regulated partners as an introducer. This enables us to be able to offer professional mortgage advice to our clients who are looking to purchase a property in the UK. This can be first time buyers looking to purchase a main residence, a second home or an investment property. We work with banks and building societies as well as other alternative lenders in the marketplace that you will not find on the high street.

SJPR Finance will make the process of finding your home loan as simple and straightforward as possible, helping you source competitive mortgage and remortgage rates, assisting you throughout every step of the process, clearly explaining the fees, costs and conditions.

Buy to Let:

Buy to Let (BTL) landlords are those buying a residential property with a view of letting (renting) it to someone else as a form of investment. BTL mortgages are very similar to regular mortgages, but with some differences such higher fees or usually higher interest-only mortgage rates.

At SJPR Finance you will find all the advice and resources you need, with all the options explained throughout the process. We will consider all the issues with you, such as rental cover ratios, yield and monthly rental income to determine the profitability of your investment and source the maximum loan available to you.

If you have a portfolio of properties, we can provide a professional review to improve the overall performance of your investments. Please call us today for a free consultation.

Expert Mortgage Advice and Services from SJPR Finance

Commercial / Semi-commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan secured on a commercial property, such as an office buildings, shops and warehouses. At SJPR Finance will conduct an initial assessment of your needs to provide you with the right choice of specialised lenders to complete your deal efficiently and smoothly. A semi-commercial property is the one that has both residential and commercial uses on it. For example, this could be a flat above a shop under the same title.

Get in touch now and speak to our specialised professionals and get the best possible advice to secure the best possible deal, rates and repayment terms.

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